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One Response to Sign Up For B2W Updates

  1. Brian Oldham says:

    This is great. i have written a novel and have been able to sit with a heavily published author. On his advice I have gotten a professional cover. It is so good it freaked me out when I first saw it. The artist took the time to really talk to me. I have an editor woking on the pacing, flow (she has reworked the timeline for example and asked me to make a couple characters more real so their involvement would make sense). I am feeling good about the book. The artist even argued over the title, since it was on the cover.

    The story is about the challenges veterans have to overcome when they come home. I served in combat 1966-1971 in Vietnam and it has changed the arc of my life. My veteran has to face his violent behavior and establish, for the first time in his life, his sexuality. His buddy who is helping him get “home” emotionally is a huge man of color from eastern Europe. Just to challenge that stereotype. The emotional damage veterans face (alexithymia) can send us down into the darkness. Love could bring us back. It is suspenseful and very dark. The CWA did an assessment and said “the book is satisfyingly dark”. With the editor’s help I am feeling good about it’s accessibility to civilians while keeping faith with the vets. I should be ready to bring this to the publishing world by Christmas of this year. You inspire and I am still at it. Because of the life I’ve led I know that facing the truth is the only way I will survive. So hearing it from you makes me feel comfortable that I am going in the right direction.

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