What if your best friend was in trouble … And only you could save her?

Returning to the storyworld of Winby, THE DECISION: JASMINE’S STORY follows the intertwining fates of two best friends, Jasmine and Olivia. Jasmine is 17, the studious type, a fitness freak and runner. Her best friend Olivia is Jasmine’s polar opposite: as extroverted as Jasmine is introverted, Olivia is even physically the reverse of her best friend: a smoker and a drinker, Olivia is overweight and unfit, all well-developed curves and ever-decreasing hemlines.

Best friends since kindergarten, Jasmine and Olivia have each other’s backs … Until glamourous tourist, Ellie, arrives. When Ellie invites Jasmine to an end of summer “blow out” at her parents’ palatial seafront second home The Grange, Jasmine’s loyalties are torn when Ellie tells her Olivia is not welcome.

Like LIZZIE’S STORY, Jasmine will be confronted with the multiple potential outcomes of that single dilemma: should she go to the party, or not? Though the answer may seem deceptively obvious on the surface, it is complicated not only by Jasmine’s burgeoning relationship with Ellie’s older brother Niall, but her own secret desire to be accepted, even “popular” like Ellie. What’s more, unbeknownst to Jasmine, Olivia hides a secret of her own – one only another girl, the enigmatic and arty Jenny Keller – can corroborate …


“An immersive, rich exploration of the dilemmas of teenage pregnancy – grounded in real life, with a fascinating supporting cast.” Rosie Claverton, psychiatrist & author, BINARY WITNESS (Carina Press)

“Both heart-warming and entertaining, its message is delivered with real gravitas.” Book Viral

“LIZZIE’S STORY is a great read not only for teenagers, but parents of teenagers too.” – Philippa Willits, Freelance Writer, SocialMediaWriter.co.uk

“Fresh, real & v honest … For a lifelong Judy Blume geek like me, LIZZIE’S STORY was totally convincing!” Amanda Duke, co-screenwriter, WHERE THERE IS EVIL (Sheil Land Associates)

“Always told in an honest and relatable voice, akin to Juno’s, LIZZIE’S STORY is definitely worth spending some time with.” Maureen Hascoet, Film Producer, Puzzle Pictures (Ealing Studios)

“What makes LIZZIE’S STORY so thrilling is that each outcome is so different.” Michelle Goode, script editor, WriteSoFluid

THE DECISION: JASMINE’S STORY is the second in The Decision Book Series, which is thought provoking, entertaining YA Lit for teenagers about social issues. You can follow the characters from the books on Facebook, tweeting via @LizziesDecision and on The Decision Books Tumblr.

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