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Get your Thriller cheat sheet (PDF)

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4 Responses to The B2W Ultimate Thriller Screenplay Writing Cheat Sheet

  1. Just finished reading Lucy’s book “Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays.” It’s a must for anyone attempting to break into the world of feature or TV thrillers. As a bonus, most of the advice and information is not only useful for writing thrillers, but also useful for writing and selling any genre.

    Lynn Grant Beck
    Writer of Lifetime Thrillers

  2. Great article and cheat sheet Lucy.Bobby Hodgson award winning, independent screenwriter and film director. I’ve just finished Gemini a bank heist TV thriller staring Mhairi Calvey (BraveHeart). and currently on the festival circuit which is going amazingly well.Just want to say what a great resource your website is and the invaluable knowledge so many new writers need.

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