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To celebrate the ongoing Tiverton Literary Festival going on down here in Devon, I’m publishing excerpts of my books!

Yesterday I shared an excerpt from my screenwriting book Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays, where I broke down what goes into a drama logline. Check out the post, HERE.

The day before, I shared an excerpt from The Decision: Jasmine’s Story. You can check it out, HERE.

Today, it’s the turn of The Decision: Lizzie’s Story, my very first novel that’s also available in the German language as Bauchentscheidung (or “Gut Decision”).

Have the baby … Don’t have the baby – not quite as simple for Lizzie! Lizzie’s Story follows the fate of a teenager who finds herself pregnant unexpectedly. Lizzie is faced with living through ALL the potential outcomes of that decision – abortion, miscarriage, single parenthood and more.

Praise for LIZZIE’S STORY:

‘Fresh, real & v honest … For a lifelong Judy Blume geek like me, LIZZIE’S STORY was totally convincing!’

‘Great to read a book about teenage pregnancy which considers the whole story’

‘Told in an honest and relatable voice, akin to Juno’s, LIZZIE’S STORY is definitely worth spending some time with’

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I woke on the futon with my knees up against my chest as pain erupted suddenly in my belly. It was so sharp, for a moment it took my breath away.

Just as swiftly that terrible, spiking pain went and I was able to sit up gingerly. Black spots sprang up in my vision and nausea hit me, the back of my throat flooding with sour saliva. What was wrong with me?

Dad was asleep in the beanbag chair, his head thrown back like a child, mouth open and catching flies. With difficulty I got up and lurched past him towards the tiny bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I leant against the door, trying to breathe slowly and deeply, but taking in only the stale air from the windowless cubicle. Again, that terrible pain gripped me but this time it was worse. It made me double over, taking my breath away, preventing me from crying out, so only an animalistic whimper made its way out of me. Those spots in my vision seemed to grow suddenly and I wondered for a nanosecond if I would black out, but the pain rushed in again with a vengeance and this time I uttered a single, low guttural howl.

“Lizzie?” Dad was awake and pounding on the door. “Lizzie!”

Woozy, I sat on the toilet. I didn’t have enough wherewithal to answer. I knew what was happening and moments later I confirmed it as I peeled off the pyjama bottoms my Dad had given me.


Horror-struck, I made one single observation before Dad broke the door down. It was not like menstrual blood, typically dark crimson in colour. This was bright red, like if you cut your own hand or arm with a knife when slicing bread.

Life blood.

“Oh God, Lizzie. Lizzie!”

There was a crash as the door yielded and Dad was in the room. I was only peripherally aware of him and the fact I didn’t even have anything on my bottom half, yet for some reason I didn’t even care. Normally I would be mortified.

But in the here and now, all I could concentrate on was the blackness that threatened to invade me: I knew I had to keep it away or I would be lost. I tried to stand, but my knees buckled.

Dad grabbed me and wrapped me in a towel, running out on to the flat balcony with me in his arms like a small child. He was shouting, pleading, but his voice seemed so far away. There were more shouts and slammed doors and Flo’s husband Jonno was out on the balcony, yelling for Pablo who came running in a dressing gown and slippers, holding keys to one of the hotel vans.

Dad grabbed them and shoved me in the passenger’s seat, turning the key in the ignition, all the time saying to me, “You’ll be okay, baby. You’ll be okay.”

And I wondered why he would say that because it was obvious I was losing the baby and then I realised he was talking to me.

Then I passed out.


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Pssst: download a Word .doc version of my Novel Pitch Template & view a breakdown of what goes on it, HERE

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