Bang2writers email me all the time, asking **where** to find collaborators and beta readers, so it occurs this Indie Author Week that Chatwing could be the way to build your online writing community! Here’s Nick who developed Chatwing to tell us more about this great, FREE online chatting experience. Thanks Nick!


Writing is an ever-evolving process. You can never say that you’re the best at it – only that there is always room for improvement. There are many writing techniques that you can learn to improve yourself, but one of the best methods would be asking someone their opinion about your works.

Here’s a tool that can efficiently support you in improving yourself as a writer – Chatwing. This is a free website chat room software that can be used directly or it can be embedded into a site as a supporting tool as well. And here’s how it can help you as a writer:

1) Get Feedback In Real Time

As I said previously, hearing the opinions of others is important if you want to improve your writing. Using this tool, you can easily ask other people which part needs revising and more. And the best thing is that they can instantly reply to you. It doesn’t matter where they are, so long as they can use the tool, then they can provide assistance whenever you need it.

 2) Instant Sharing

The tool can also be used to share your works directly to other people. If you have posted your work on a site, then you can simply paste the link in the chatroom so they can access it instantly. That or you could put the actual contents in the chatroom instead. This is a great way for people to read your thoughts.

3) Find New Topics

A creative mind is the main weapon of a writer. But sometimes thinking of a new idea alone won’t do you any good, especially in those “writer’s block” moments. Well, when that happens, you can always ask your friends and colleagues for some tips. And what better way to do that than with a chatting tool that you can access no matter where you are.

Since Chatwing is also usable in Android, you can simply access your chatroom via mobile phone and chat with them. Many writers use Chatwing to get ideas about new topics to write about. Don’t be the last one to be left out.

Note: You can get Chatwing’s free Android chat app for your mobile phone on GooglePlay.

4) Meet Up With Everyone

You can easily use this chatting tool as a meeting spot for you and your colleagues. You can even invite your friends and they themselves can bring in guests who might also share the same interests with you. You need not worry about the chatroom filling up. Chatwing can accommodate up to 18 thousand chatters per chatroom, so you bet there’s always room for everyone.

5) Social Sharing

Sharing your works via chatroom is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Chatwing can do. The chat software has some pretty neat social sharing functions that allow your chatters to join in using their social media accounts, saving them from a lot of trouble of having to register an account just so they could chat inside. It’s even a benefit for you since it lets you know the people who are chatting with you.

You can also use these functions to share your own social account page to everyone too. The social sharing aspects of Chatwing allow for writers to leverage existing social media to bring people to your chat and communicate instantly. In a nutshell, Chatwing’s social sharing capabilities can be used to easily spread your works to others.

BIONick is an active web developer and technology enthusiast who believes in the power of communication. It is these core principles that drive Chatwing and online chatting.

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