NewAs everyone knows, B2W is always happy to host guest posts in a bid to help fellow screenwriters, novelists and filmmakers get the word out about their projects, sites and build their own online platforms, as I feel it can be beneficial to one’s career.

That said, I’ve been hosting guest posts so long now on this site that I’ve noticed I’m getting pitched very similar or even the SAME ideas for articles more and more frequently! So, with the new year upon us, I decided to put my thinking cap on … And this is what I came up with:

Bang On …

Each month, I will post a THEME for submissions for following month, inviting pitches for guest posts based on that theme from anyone who wants to have a go. These could be articles, essays, infographics, memes, even vlogs etc. Basically, all you have to do is have a cracking idea and/or strong opinion you want to share with the Bang2writers.

I will be hosting a minimum of ONE guest post per week relating to the theme, with a maximum of TWO – so that’s eight potential slots every month. I will post the theme for the month 4 weeks ahead on Twitter, B2W’s Facebook page and via the newsletter. SO WATCH OUT FOR IT. [N.B: The first one will come later today!]

As ever, please refer to the FAQs/submissions guidelines below.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, if you’re interested in writing a guest post for this site and reach a platform of 15K+, here are my submissions guidelines:

1) When will you post the Bang On Theme?

I’ll post it around the 1st of each month, across the B2W social media network of Twitter, Facebook and beyond, as well as the newsletter. I will be four weeks ahead, meaning the sooner you pitch me your idea (and get approved) after that date, the more likely your post will get included AND the sooner it will be up on the site in the following month. If in the unlikely event I get FLOODED with pitches, the first 8 who get theirs approved will be posted.

2) What do I do next?

Please email me at Bang2writeATaolDOTcom and pitch me your idea for Bang On article, essay, infographic, meme or vlog in the first instance. Anyone sending me their work via email without pitching it first will get their submissions DELETED unread. Sorry!  The reason for this is I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. There are lots of guest posts on B2W now and I don’t want duplicates, or content that does not reflect the B2W remit, so please see below for more details.

3) I want to write an article – what are your requirements?

As before, Bang On articles must be about something to do with WRITING and MUST have a number in the title please (5 Reasons/10 Ways/4 Things).  Please remember B2W is about the “alternative view” and industry/writers, plus as best use of social media; successful submissions; women in film; etc. No film reviews please and absolutely no indiscriminate bashing of individual writers, filmmakers, etc.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: 800 words maximum (no minimum count). Please submit as .doc or .docx, with NON-embedded links, many thanks. Don’t forget your short bio and links to your profiles/projects.

4) What’s the difference between an essay and an article, then?

Essays need to have a little more of a academic, philosophical and/or ideological bias than the articles – like these B2W posts of mine on representation of gender roles, or these case studies of movies. You may also want to write an essay with a linkbait title that addresses a particular problem FOR writers that has no obviously “right” answer, ie:

How True Can A True Story Be?

How Do I write A Great Character?

SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES: An essay can be up to 1200 words, instead of 800 (though it doesn’t have to be; there is no miniumum count remember). Please submit as .doc or .docx, with NON-embedded links, many thanks. Don’t forget your short bio and links to your profiles/projects.

5) Can I submit as part of a writing duo?

YES, you may write as part of a duo, especially if you offer OPPOSING viewpoints on a writing issue that is a QUESTION relating to that month’s Bang On theme, ie.

“Is [insert movie/book/etc] empowering for women and girls? YES/NO” .

“Are boys and young men’s response to “heroism” in movie narratives under discussed? YES/NO.”

SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES: If this is the case, you can each have 600 words only, please so I can run them both on the same day on the site. If writing as part of duo, for admin purposes please submit BOTH pieces together, as part of the same document. I am unable to pair you up with another writer for this, but feel free to use the B2W social network to find another – I will gladly RT your efforts on Twitter if you @ me in, too.

6) Can I submit an infographics & memes I have made myself?

Absolutely – it needs to have been made by you and be seen for the first time on B2W.

Infographics need to relate to writing *in some way* – you can interpret that as widely or as narrowly as you like.

Memes can be serious or they can be jokes or quotes about writing, but again they need to be original and they need to be striking. I won’t post memes that insult people, professions, or whatever.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please submit the above as a .jpeg ONLY. Please ensure you also include a little background info on yourself, your social media links and what you’re talking about and why.

7) Can I submit my vlog?

Vlogs need to feature YOU or someone you’re working with, talking about *something* related to writing or filmmaking. I am particularly interested to hear from marginalised voices in this category and how they feel they are represented by our industry including (but not limited to): women, teenagers, the LGBT community, people from ethnic minorities and so on.

SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES: 5 minutes maximum, for vlogs; please do not send me the file!!! Please upload your vlog to Youtube (or your own site or whatever) and submit the embedding code to me. Please ensure you also include a little background info on yourself, your social media links and what you’re talking about/why.

8) Remember …

B2W is known for its straight-talking, shoot from the hip style, so try and be assertive and bold.

B2W is a progressive site and will not host trolling, racist, misogynist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic content (etc).

B2W prizes originality and not being “the usual”, so you’ll need a new take on any old debates or ways of looking at the writing world. Make sure you check out all the B2W Guest Posts so far, here.

9) Psssssst! Can I still pitch you **my** idea for a guest post?

YEP. Other Guest posts can still be anything writing-related under section 2) on this list, but please note from now on Bang On posts will take priority. If pitching your own idea, please remember B2W is about the “alternative view” and industry/writers, plus as best use of social media; successful submissions; women in film; etc. No film reviews, please.

And last but by no means least …

10) … What are you paying?

Nada, zip. Sorry! I don’t have any sponsors for this site and don’t get paid to run it myself. But guest posters do usually find they get increased traffic to their sites and follower counts after a B2W post. If you’re looking for paid guest posting opportunities, why not check these ones out instead.

Good luck!

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