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Social media outlets have become the focus of intense activity for marketers, business owners and advertisers. There have been a number of cases where a previously-unknown business, product, or service has burst onto the scene and exploded into a profit-generating enterprise by social-media promotion. Facebook “shares”, Twitter retweets and viral videos have the potential to create previously unheard-of exposure, compared to traditional forms of advertising and word-of-mouth promotion.

In this Brave New World of advertising, perception is the new reality. Blog posts and viral campaigns really do have the potential to guarantee your success, if you use them properly. Here are 8 rules of social media writing that you need to know right now.

1. If your campaign doesn’t make sense to your customer, no one is going to buy it.

Social media can work for a modern niche business that encourages interaction with its target market. For traditional businesses that produce items and sell them in bulk, it probably won’t be a good fit when used improperly. These businesses don’t understand that the static nature of their methods don’t fit with the real-time, direct interaction with customers and prospects that goes hand-in-hand with an effective social media campaign.

You can’t simply put different elements together and boil them all down to make stew. This approach doesn’t work with social media. The modern way of interacting with customers is much more personal and individualized. Picture crafting a made-to-order pizza or a cake of simply of offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

2. Make a careful choice about goals and targets for your social media budget (in time and money).

You’re going to be having conversations with real people on social networks and once you get started, this is not something you can afford to let slide. It gives your company a more “human” face with the public, but also opens it up to receiving opinions from your customers.

Some of them may not be positive and you will need to respond quickly and appropriately. One sensational negative tweet can go viral and you simply can’t afford to wait for the backlash to “die down.” Decide in advance what resources you will invest in your social media campaign and the tone you will use in your writing.

3. Be consistent in your tone and phrasing.

What you say is important and how you say it is also crucial. On Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters and spaces. You simply can’t run on with your idea. You have to get to your point quickly. With this medium, you can tweet the headline and link to your Facebook page or a blog post to give your readers more information.

4. Draw customers in by being approachable.

Since your social media presence is your corporate “personality,” you are not going to draw in many users by being standoffish. Draw them in by being friendly and approachable. Here are some tips to help you along:

• Write in a conversational style, in the same way you speak.
• Don’t use jargon that the average reader would have a hard time understanding.
• Keep it simple. Pretend you are “not” being paid by the word and use short posts to get your point across.
• Write posts that provide information the reader will find helpful, informative, or entertaining.

5. Your own blog or website is the still the most important social media venue.

Your own piece of virtual real estate is where you should be focusing your attention. The other social media websites and blogs are ways to point to it. You should be developing your own web presence, with high quality content, that all these social media sites can link to. Once visitors arrive there, they can take action.

Choose keywords that will help Internet users find your business quickly, based on what you do, and not necessarily your company name. Try to focus on the problem the customer is trying to solve, and do include a mix of short and long-tail keywords in the mix.

6. Features are nice, but benefits are essential when selling to customers.

When you are trying to tell a customer about your product or service, his or her favorite station is WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me”). To get people to make a decision, keep the focus clearly on how it will improve the customer’s life in some way. Speak directly to the customer, and you will get him or her to make a buying decision much more quickly.

7. Give your customer clear instructions.

You may find it annoying when you see commercials that direct a prospect to pick up the phone to call right now several time, but that strategy is there for a reason. It works. Tell your customers exactly what you want them to do. Give them clear directions in your action messages by telling them how to get more of what they want or avoid less of what they don’t want. They order from you and you get paid.

8. Measure your results so you can manage them effectively.

You can’t simply start a social media writing campaign without having a way to measure whether you are getting any benefit from it. Use metrics to judge whether you are getting positive numbers from each venue you are using. You’ll need to give it some time to develop, but you should see a positive ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Be prepared to make adjustments to your plan over the long term as you see trends develop.

At least one person in your company should be keeping track of developments in social media writing and technology. That way, you will be ready to take advantage of innovations that will help your business grow.


BIO: Leslie Anglesey is an educator and a writing geek who works at Essay Tigers. You can connect with her on Google+.


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