So I got an email last night from the Mighty Adrian Mead, telling me I’ve gone a little TOO FAR in trying to publicise this blog:

Okay, Adrian: you got me. But since everyone’s defected to Twitter, it’s too damn quiet around these parts [start subliminal message: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER : end subliminal message]. But check my legs out! Woooooh. It’s a hard job looking so fantastic but someone’s gotta do it.

Oh: and don’t forget – Adrian’s new course The Screenwriter’s Career Guide is on July 4th in London. Book now! I’ll see you there.

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4 Responses to Self Publicity

  1. Paul M says:

    I hope it's not permanent marker

  2. SHEIKSPEAR says:

    Hi Luce, you been working out?

    It's a great Goth look!

  3. Mr Brainwhispers says:

    Not having a clue what you look like I wasnt sure whether that was real or not until I went to the youtube page to view it again.

    Bloody twitter!
    I only joined myspace last year after people kept pestering me about it. Then everyone pissed off over to Facebook.
    I joined Facebook a few months back and now everyone is off to Twitter.

    Its really fucking me off! Stupid fucking social networking bollocks.

    Apologies for the harshness of the language.

  4. mernitman says:

    You missed a spot.

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