It may be the drama features that win the most awards and kudos from critics, but you’re unlikely to sell a drama feature screenplay like you might a genre script, at least in the current marketplace.
Breaking down the nuts and bolts of what differentiates drama from genre film, WRITING AND MAKING DRAMA FEATURES will guide you on how the best drama feature screenplays are NOT about abject misery or stereotypical depictions of socio ethnic groups to get their message across. Instead the book will explore:

· What is “emotional truth”?

· What separates stereotype and authentic characters?

· What are the different types of drama feature screenplay?

· How do we make these films, when there is “no money”?

· What are the distribution opportunities for dramas?

… And more.

WRITING AND MAKING DRAMA FEATURES will contain detailed studies of produced dramas, made on both shoestring and larger budgets and include insights directly from their writers and filmmakers, such as the Scottish BAFTA winning NIGHT PEOPLE; the iconic coming out movie BEAUTIFUL THING; the touching HOURS starring the late Paul Walker; and the ambitious true story of SAVING MR BANKS, based on the battle of wills between “Mary Poppins” author PL Travers and Walt Disney himself.

WRITING AND MAKING DRAMA FEATURES is not a simple “how to” book, but one that explores how drama and ultimately authenticity works, empowering screenwriters in making their own story and character choices, so they can write & help package, finance and even make their own drama feature screenplays.

WRITING AND SELLING DRAMA SCREENPLAYS is available to buy in paperback and Kindle. Read an article about writing drama screenplays by Lucy, here.

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