★ B2W Service & Rate Card ★

PLEASE NOTE: B2W is closed to new submissions atm. 

No rush service is currently available. Apologies.

Check back here for when B2W reopens (Expected May/June). In the meantime, if you would like to contact me about future bookings (or anything else), please email bang2write@gmail.com


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Script Editing

Producers and Directors – Need a script editor for your production? I can help and make sure your concept, story and screenplay ROCKS. Check out my IMDB page, HERE, plus shorts and features B2W has been involved in, HERE.

Screenwriters & novelists – Or perhaps you want me to walk you through the stages of writing a new project, concept/logline to completion? Or dig you out of what I call ‘The Story Swamp’, or help you come up with a submissions strategy? Or  something else???

No problem – B2W can help and work within most budgets, even very low ones. Great value, fixed price edits available. Just email your requirements and/or questions and I can quote you! CONTACT ME NOW.

Script Reading

Typical turnaround of script reports is 15-21 working days. All prices and services updated for 2017. See the pic above for a selection of B2W’s professional clients. CLICK HERE to opt in for B2W updates and get a free ebook on how NOT to write female characters

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND:  B2W now operates a rush service – add 25% to prices below to guarantee your turnaround within 5 working days. PLEASE ENQUIRE RE: B2W’S AVAILABILITY FIRST. 

Not see the service you need in the list, below? I am always happy to help – contact me

1) Concept Check Feedback

Don’t waste your time on concepts that will go nowhere! Make sure yours is BOMBPROOF before you devote hundreds of hours to a screenplay that does not work, is not marketable, or falls back on clichéd characters or scenarios. Send me your logline (25-60 words), plus up to two paragraphs for your vision for it.

Price: £25

SEE ALSO: 7 Ways To Road Test Your Own Concept

2) 1 Pager / Short Treatment Feedback

One pager or “sizzler” (aka “extended pitch” or short treatment!) – it’s hard to know how yours stands up in the spec pile as they’re hard to get hold of online. I read hundreds of these documents a year however and can give you the feedback you need to avoid the various pitfalls with your own.

Prices: £25 (1-5 pages maximum); £30 (10 pages maximum).

Got a much longer treatment than 10 pages? FREE TIP: cut it riiiight down! SEE ALSO: 7 Things Agents, Producers & Filmmakers Can Tell From Your Pitch

Want more detailed feedback on your screenplay?

3) Skype Notes (Script read & Skype call)

Want notes on your screenplay, formally or informally, in the style of a *real* script meeting? No problem – this is the service for you. What’s more, I will email you reminders of what we chatted about afterwards, so you needn’t worry about missing anything! Prices:

  • Short Films/sitcoms up to 30 pages (approx.): £30
  • TV Pilots up to 60 pages: £45
  • Feature Screenplays 80-100 pages: £60

4) Written Feedback

Want some in-depth written notes? No problem. Send me your screenplay and its one page pitch and you will get your Development Notes as standard, PLUS in-depth feedback on what’s working/what’s not working about your pitch material.

    • Short Film/sitcom script & One Pager (5-30 pages +1): £30
    • TV Pilots & Series Bible (50-60pages + 1-5 pages): £65
    • Feature scripts and One Pager (80-120 pages +1): £90

      ★ Payments ★

      Remember, B2W is CLOSED to new submissions at the moment! If you’d like to contact me about future bookings or anything else though, feel free to contact me on Bang2write@gmail.com or via my contact page

      Please send your scripts (PDF preferred) to bang2write@gmail.com and pay via Paypal. FYI, returning Bang2writers are entitled to 10% off.

      If you do not use Paypal, please send me an email to make alternative arrangements.

      Please note funds must clear before your script is read. And don’t forget to tell me in your accompanying email what B2W service you require!

      ★ Not sure how to use Paypal “off eBay”? ★

      1) Sign into your Paypal Account

      2) Click on “Send Money”
      3) Enter my email address Bang2write@aol.com
      4) Enter the amount
      5) Press “send”

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20 Responses to B2W Rate Card

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the wonderful resources!



  2. […] Bang2Write is offering free downloads.  Although primarily for screenwriters, there are a couple of downloads that would prove useful to […]

  3. Courtney Michael says:

    Lucy, thought you also offered consulting and feedback services for tv series bibles…let me know…thanks.

  4. Bob Eckhard says:

    Thanks Lucy!

  5. Len Burns says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Have followed your writing advice over a long period of time, going way back when …
    If someone as articulate and talented as you, has turned to giving advice instead of banging out scripts, which must now be more lucrative, what chance do us no-hopers have?

    Regards – Len Burns.

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      Hi Len, thanks for the kind words but on the contrary, I’m doing what I’ve always done when it comes to giving advice! Sure it’s my bread and butter money, but I also love what I do and wouldn’t change it. In addition, I haven’t given up on “banging out” scripts – I’ve just veered off the actual scriptwriting path and into script EDITING, helping FACILITATE the “banging out” of scripts instead. I was lucky enough to have a choice to make between two things I enjoy – script editing edged out and won! You can see some of the produced projects I’ve been involved in on the “Projects” page on this website. As for chances, the first thing you have to do is stop thinking of yourself as a “no hoper”; also, forget about the notion of “chance” — PICK YOURSELF. Think what you want and resolve to pay the price to get it. I did.

  6. Daz Kaye says:

    Happy Birthday Lucy!

    Thank you for the Kindle downloads today. I look forward to meeting you at the Screenwriters Festival.

  7. It’s not on this page, but I have been having a real issue with the “How not to write female characters” ebook, I have tried subscribing three times, I suspect that I may have been an existing subscriber and that may have caused a problem.
    Is there any other way to obtain this resource, it sounds fantastic!


  8. Please send me a list of up and coming screenwriting contests. Thank you.
    Pauline Hetrick

  9. David Wolfe says:

    Hi Lucy–I cannot get the link to the example of the feedback you provide under 4) Feature Screenplay Special to work. Is there another way to find an example? Thanks. David

  10. Enni says:

    Hello, Lucy,

    I am a new one here and want to try your Short Film 1 Page Special. Can you specify please any deadlines for me to plan? If, for example, I send it to you on the 1st of March and I have 10 pages short film – when can I expect to have your answer?


  11. Michael says:

    I love your blogs, great advice. I’m a wanna be horror writer, and obviously not a very good one. Have written three feature screenplays, two horror and one thriller. They still sit hidden in my computer world.
    Again, great advice and pleasurable to read.

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