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In addition to blogging, script editing, script reading and writing books, Bang2write has hit the road doing talks and courses at festivals, schools, libraries, universities and more!

Check out the links below for a selection of upcoming and previous classes. Get in touch HERE to hire Lucy for your event or organisation.

Next Courses:


Breaking Into Script Reading (2018)

You can book now for BREAKING INTO SCRIPT READING 2018, HERE. (See below for more details on this two day workshop from the first time it ran in 2015).


Recent courses & live tweets:

journalB2W appears at London Screenwriters’ Festival every year, moderating panels and holding talks of my own, which have included The First Ten Pages; The Live Script Edit; juggling parenting and writing; how to use social media; script assessment and development; as well as talks about writing and selling drama and thriller screenplays.


 Breaking Into Script Reading. I run this 2 Day workshop every year, in conjunction with LondonSWF. It’s perfect for wannabe readers and those writers wanting to go into development, or writers wanting to know how their work is perceived “behind the scenes”. For a live tweet of nearly 1000 tweets from the workshop, CLICK HERE.

November 2015. Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays. I ran interactive, two day workshop in conjunction with LondonSWF at Met Film School, Ealing Studios. This in-depth genre course took delegates through the tools they need to come up with, road test and pitch their own Thriller script concepts in order to write a rocking genre piece with its best chance in the competitive, low budget UK marketplace.

February 2015. I appeared at Waveney Valley Film & Theatre’s Create A TV Series course, talking about writing a spec TV series bible. 

January 2015. I did my “classic” concepts workshop at Exeter Library, Devon. Read the live tweet HERE.

December, 2014.  I appeared at Exeter University’s TV station, @XTVOnline, talking drama screenplays and what makes a great story when it’s not big budget and high concept. Read the Storify and see pictures, HERE.

September, 2014. I was talking careers, social media, self promotion and networking for writers at Y Labordy, a Creative Skillset accredited course hosted at Ty Newydd, writers’ retreat for Film Wales.

May, 2014. I did a talk at St Albans Film Festival, on Thriller Screenplays, appearing with my publisher and fellow writers on the Creative Essentials range. More information, HERE.

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13 Responses to B2W Courses & Talks

  1. Dustin says:

    Hey there…new member to your blog. Love the honesty that you bring. Will keep reading. Thanks,

  2. anne-marie caluwaert says:

    ANd she worked for me and she is truly GREaT – I’m good in spelling mistakes — bad English still she didn’t give up on me — so I can only say if you need real help – this is the place to turn too —

  3. Rich Vedder says:

    I’m not a Facebook or Twitter customer, and at this time don’t plan to become one. Is there a way to ask questions about your service through simple email service?

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      Hi there Rich, by all means contact me via email whenever you want on Bang2write@aol.com and I’ll answer your message as soon as I can. The links above re: my rate card is a PDF and hosted by Dropbox, which anyone can download from (you don’t need to have it yourself). Hope that helps, LV

  4. DD says:

    Hi love, great blog. I will definitely use your infinite wisdom on my first 20 pages:)

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  7. Sandy Corkins-Schmidt says:

    Cool site, and neat advice. Just signed up for your monthly roundup. Thanks for offering :>) Is great to see a young female voice speaking her truth!

  8. karen says:

    Thanks for this Lucy, it’s exactly what I need. I’ve written two comedy pilots and three screenplays and I need to know how to get them out there. Thanks to you I know what next steps to take without making obvious mistakes. Thanks again.

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