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Writing blogs have become THE place to learn about writing and it’s not difficult to see why. They’re free, up-to-the-minute and an easy way to connect with industry insiders and our writer peers alike.

So, whether you’re writing a screenplay, novel or short story, it’s always a GREAT idea to keep an eye on current writing ideas and schools of thought. Not only will this stop your writing from becoming stale, but new techniques can inspire you into exploring some pretty surprising ideas, themes and concepts!

So, how (and why) can blogs improve our own writing efforts? Chew on these for size:

1) Blogs offer industry insights

Working screenwriters like Eric Bork have used blogs to share their experiences from working on hits like Band of Brothers with a wider audience. Not only do blogs like these help us avoid some screenwriting cliches, but they also help us realise that writing is an on-going process that is rarely perfected!

2) Blogs offer writing freedom

Perhaps it’s because blogs are free to produce and can be tinkered with after they are published, but there’s something about the humble blog that has helped many aspiring writers find their feet.

Many modern bestselling authors like Heather B. Armstrong used blogs as a way to express themselves in a funny and uninhibited way. And rather than serving a specific purpose of entertaining a core demographic, these personal blogs allow a degree of freedom that you rarely find in other fields of writing.

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3) Blogs remind writers about Purpose and Audience

Just like every line of a movie screenplay or novel manuscript should have a sense of purpose, it’s clear that blog posts must also have to work hard to justify their existence. So that whether it’s a screenwriter like John August offering thoughts on a title page, or even a gaming site like LadyLucks detailing their latest entertainment offerings, it’s incredibly important to make sure that things are kept focused.

 4) Blogs connect writers

Yeah, I get it. Sometimes it feels like we are screaming into the void, whether we’re writing a blog or sending out those all-important submissions! Nevertheless, blogs have become writers’ ‘water coolers’, whether in the comments sections or via social media. So make sure that every word, sentence and even punctuation mark plays its part in telling YOUR story.

5) Blogs can help you BUILD your career!

B2W is always very vocal about the importance of blogs – that’s because the whole B2W community EXISTS because of blogging! In real terms, everything I have created – including my own books and course workshops – comes from this blog. I’m not even kidding! This was not luck, but built via strategical thinking, goal-setting and dogged persistence.

What’s more, you can do the same. What’s stopping you? I’m serious!


We need to know what has gone before, so by reading other people’s works, we can further our own writing skills. So that whether that’s reading how Martin Scorsese made movies Goodfellas and Casino so good, or even just catching up on a fun comedy blog on your mobile, it’ll ALL go some way in taking your own writing to the next level, and/or even building your career as a writer.

Good luck!

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