Eagle-eyed Bang2writers will have noticed a little while back I was advertising for an infographic maker on the B2W social network for a skills swap: I would read scripts and pitch material, if someone would convert my most popular B2W posts into infographics. Well, I’m delighted to say I found the talented @edwinatyrrell!

So, to start us off: the most popular post on this blog is How To Write TV Series Bibles by a country mile! Originally written waaaaay back in 2009, the post has been getting in the region of 70-120 unique hits per day, typically. In its lifetime, the post has received in excess of 45K visits!!! Amazing.

I love the “cartoony” feel of Edwina’s infographic here – I think it fits the “feel” of the information and style of the post really well. Be sure to follow Edwina on Twitter and say hello!

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Don’t forget: Spec TV Series Bibles and ones for commissioned shows can be VERY different beasts, plus some producers, agents etc may call Spec TV series bibles “treatments” or “extended pitches”. More details HERE

How to Write TV Series Bibles (3)

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10 Responses to How To Write TV Series Bibles – The Infographic!

  1. Andrew says:

    Oh, nice infographic! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Scot B. says:

    So fortunate to have found this infographic, but I’m still left with that all-important question: which font to use in a bible doc? Is Courier 12 appropriate here, or is Times New Roman more standard? thx!

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      There’s no specialised font you need in a bible doc, Scot – you can use whatever you want. Best to avoid the dreaded Comic Sans, however or any of those with serifs (“squiggly bits”). I tend to use Arial, it’s a nice clean font and a welcome change to Courier.

    • Lynn Tarzwell says:

      If I know which producer or broadcaster I want to pitch to, I check out their site and cop their font. Cheap psychological trick — but it works.

  3. How would the format be different on a commissioned bible?

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      How long is a piece of string, really … A commissioned bible will act as a reference doc for the people making the show, so all kinds of stuff will be in it. In very long shows, they will be massive tomes! Apparently Coronation Street even has a show ‘historian’ to check various things for continuity purposes!

  4. D says:

    I’m a little unclear about the “Episode Synopsis” section. What exactly is the “story of the week” and “serial element”?


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