There’s a great blog over at Fair and Feminist right now, inviting young feminists to stand up and be counted (note: “young” is open to interpretation, check out the bottom of the post).

I too am frustrated by some of my peers – especially those intelligent and well-educated – who appear to feel the “work has been done” by our mothers and grandmothers; whilst I am obviously happy if they have been untouched by misogny or abuse (note: either by men OR other women), I think it’s important women work together wherever possible towards the common goal of equality. Simply saying, “I’m fine, so every other girl and woman must be fine” does not cut it, especially when globalisation means we know without a doubt this is NOT the case.

To participate in the blog carnival:

1) Go to the original Fair and Feminist posting.

2) Leave your name and blog URL in the comments section.

3) Download the THIS IS WHAT A YOUNG FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE badge and display it on your blog or website.

The date of the carnival is August 27 – tomorrow – so be sure to get to it right away to get your blog counted and included on the list of young feminists. WE WILL NOT BE ERASED.

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