Well, the Bournemouth rally came to nothing sadly but thanks to all the writers who took the time to email me and express their solidarity and best wishes for the WGA.

I did have a picture of me and the wee girl demonstrating our solidarity but sadly the bloody lead thingy that will send it from my hubby’s phone to the PC has gone bloody AWOL! I blame the boy since he was seen with the lead last. I tortured him by tying him to a chair last night and putting his favourite jelly hamburger sweets just out of reach but he’s tougher than me and wouldn’t give up the lead’s location. They train ’em well these days. I will break his spirit later with multiple bowls of ice cream on the top shelf in the kitchen, but until then, here’s that WGA strike logo again:

So anyway: thanks WGA for standing up for us writers… I know a pic on a blog can’t make loads of difference, but multiple pictures CAN show the AMPTP how seriously we’re taking this worldwide… If your blog or website hasn’t got one of these logos yet, right click on mine and then scroll down to “save picture as”: if I can do it as the biggest techno-hoper ever, anyone can! Show your support!!

I hope the WGA knows we’re all thinking of it – and not just me, but Piers and James who will be demonstrating in London today; Jill who will be demonstrating in Canada … LATER: here’s a pic of Jill!

Thanks also to Arnie who will be out at Sydney as well as other virtual peeps up for the strike like moi: the marvellous DD, English Dave, Darren aka Eat My Shorts and twin bro Mike, Danny, Paul, Eleanor, the curiously named Riboflavin and the Chipmeister as well as everyone on the Facebook Virtual Picket Line (more details here)… If you have a pic of yourself or a WGA Strike sign on your blog, website, profile, feel free to link to it in the comments section or even just send me an email I’ll namecheck you here. Let’s show the WGA we’re thinking of them.

UPDATES: More solidarity from Jason, Martin, Robin, Jon, Lianne, Elinor, Helen, Oli, Far Away, Potdoll, Sheikspear and Tom. Nice one. Let’s have some more and stretch it across the whole Scribosphere! Be sure to send me your link by the end of today.

FURTHER UPDATE: Here is the WGGB’s coverage of their demo in London today. Here’s Elinor’s. Here’s James Moran’s experience of the London demo as well.


WGA Strike Blog

Pencil Protest

“Bring TV Back” Letter Writing Campaign

Fans 4 Writers

DON’T FORGET: if you’re on Facebook, you can demonstrate your virtual solidarity there too.


You CAN make a difference… So lend your support.

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21 Responses to Virtual Solidarity: Good Luck WGA

  1. Sheikspear says:

    Showing solidarity from Pompey!

  2. Sheikspear says:

    As a fellow techno-phobe it tokk ages to get the piccy changed!

  3. Lucy says:

    Good for you Sheiky!

    Just got a text from Elinor of “Lock and Load” – she’ll be at the rally in London today too… she’s looking for James Moran, now that’s a meet I’d like to see, they’re both as mad as a box of frogs. Who are all on speed. And the box is on top of a radiator.

    Any more for any more?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey! You put Daz before me – he’s MY twin, I was the “bought” one, he was the get-one-free, lol

    Luv Mike

  5. Dom Carver says:

    I’m supporting the WGA by not writing today…except for this of course, but I call this procrastinating, so that’s OK.

  6. Far Away says:

    me too

  7. Jon Peacey says:

    I’ve posted my support…

    I put up one of those whatsits a while back (badly)… it’s in the corner… the black kinda merges against the none more black background!

  8. Jon Peacey says:

    (PS: you’ve put up Oli’s link a bit wrong!)

  9. Elinor says:

    Hey Luce, just got back from the London demo, lots of people there behaving in a very orderly fashion clutching placards and coffee. Missed the speeches by a whisker but all very heartening according to those around me. Loads of journos taking oics so it will hopefully be in the papers. Didn’t see lovely James, perhaps he was hiding…

  10. the streaker says:


    *runs through your virtual demo with bits dangling on display*

  11. Dom Carver says:

    Yew!!!! It’s a tree you know.

  12. Jon Peacey says:

    Quick! The smelling salts!!!

  13. Lucy says:

    Good Lord, can’t leave you buggers alone for a minute. And here was I boasting on Danny’s blog that there was less chance of a virtual ruck. Should’ve known. THE SHAME.

  14. Jon Peacey says:

    Would it makes amends to know that I’m virtually hanging my head in shame…? 🙁

  15. Lucy says:

    Nope. I’ll kick your virtual arses! The lot of you… Starting with you Jon.

  16. Jon Peacey says:

    I’m shocked! And I thought you was all nice and stuff!

    Chip was right!!! Run all! Run for your virtual arses!!!

    Where’s St. George when you need him!!!

  17. Dom Carver says:

    Does my virtual arse look big in this blog?

  18. martin says:

    It’s spelt SOIdari…Do’h!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Does my virtual arse look big in this blog?

    Clearly Dom the answer is yes. Now go and make me my dinner.


  20. MJ says:

    I’m ashamed I haven’t bothered my arse before, but I have now – thanks for booting me in the rear!

  21. John Soanes says:

    In blog-based support for the WGA members, I downed my virtual pencil yesterday. Oh dear, that sounds rude – I mean I didn’t post, so my adoring audience would realise there was a me-shaped gap in their lives, and so the importance of writers and writing would dawn on them.
    And that is why there are women wailing and gnashing their teeth in the streets all around, and infants slept thinly and dreamed of a great darkness to come. Such is my power, oh yes.

    On a less egotistical note, the demo in London made the BBC News site – have a look here

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